We Need A Sergeant Major Not A Doctor – Martyn Lloyd Jones

What we all need [in the battle against sin] is not a doctor but a sergeant major. Here we are, as it were, slouching about the parade ground, feeling our own pulses, feeling miserable, talking about our weakness. So we say, “I need a doctor, I need to go to the clinic”. But that’s not right. What you need is to listen to the voice of the Sergeant Major who is shouting the commands of God at you – “Let not sin reign in your mortal body”. “Yield not your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin.” “Yield yourself unto God”. You have no business in slouching about like that (feeling sorry for yourself); stand on your feet, realize who and what you are, enlist in the army of God. “Present yourself.” This is not a clinic. -Martyn Lloyd Jones