Charles Bridges Quotes
Charles Bridges Quotes

Charles Bridges Quotes

“Let me remember – If I am reluctant to hear the faithful rebuke of men, I am prepared to resist the rebuke of God.” -Charles Bridges

“If the Christian is walking with God, his tongue will pour out godly communication” -Charles Bridges

“Think before we speak; ponder our words, their substance, manner, time, place, audience” -Charles Bridges

“The sluggard has desire, yet the sluggard hath nothing, because it is desire without effort. Diligence will not be content with desiring, without the reality of possession” -Charles Bridges

“he that hateth reproof is brutish” Prov 12:1
-that irritable pride that hates reproof, as if it were an outrage to be told of our faults, is like an animal which bites and kicks at a vet, who performs a painful operation on him. He surely is a brute beast, and not a rational creature, who would not take correction, lest he is obliged to confess his folly, in exposing himself to the need of it -Charles bridges

“The tale-bearer is always delighted to make a discovery. The most idle rumour is a treasure. A quarrel made up before he had time to reveal it is a disappointment to him.” -Charles Bridges

Solomon here (Prov 9:7) gives us the rule of Christian prudence [careful management, thinking ahead, careful to avoid unnecessary risks]. The gospel is a thing too holy to be exposed to scoffing fools (Mt 7:6). Why should we REPROVE, where more harm than good can be occasioned? Avoid irritations. Await a favourable opportunity. Sometimes a sad, serious, intelligible silence is the most effective reproof. Whereas open rebuke might stir up a torrent of hatred.

Yet this prudence must not be used as an excuse for cowardice. That would be treachery to our Lord. Every sinner is not a scorner.
-Charles Bridges

NOTE: RETRACTION means: A lessening of reputation or esteem especially by envious, malicious, or petty criticism; a put-down, belittling a reputation.
-“To refrain from gross slander, while abundant scope is left for needless and unkind RETRACTION is NOT covering sin” -Charles Bridges on Prov. 10:12