>Urgent Prayer Request-2 Members of Op513 Arrested

>HT: Rob Hughes.

This afternoon[Sun] I received a phone call from my good friend Josh Williamson. Josh is president of Operation 513 in Australia and heads up the Brisbane team. Yesterday two members of the Gold Coast team were arrested, handcuffed, and taken into custody. The charge? Preaching the gospel. They have been released but are expected in court in the coming weeks, the outcome of which could be that they will have to spend 6 months in jail. Of the two that were arrested one is a church Pastor and the other is a seminary student. Please pray for them during this difficult time and that God would strengthen them to endure. Pray too for their families. We do know that persecution is a very real reality for those who follow Christ (2 Timothy 3:12). Pray too that God would receive all the glory and that His will would be done.