>Justin Peters-A Call for Discernment-Video & mp3 Now on Sermon Audio


Justin Peters excellent A Call for Discernment – A Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith (or the Health, Wealth & Prosperity) Movement, is now on Sermon Audio, having been uploaded by GCC, San Antonio (who also put the Paul Washer sermons on the same site)

You can now watch online or download both the full length video and mp3 audio.

It is my firm belief that many underestimate just how far Word of Faith/God TV is from true Christianity, due to a lack of education and warning. It is not just another denomination with a few erroneous teachings, but it is another Gospel with another Jesus.

I think it’s a good idea to put Justin’s message on CD to give to other Christians you know (or email them). There is also a request at the end of the message to ask your pastor to get Justin to speak at your church. What a good idea.