>Jesus Died For All -Robert Murray M’Cheyne On The Free And Well Meant Offer of the Gospel

>”It is nowhere said in the Bible that Christ died for this sinner or that sinner. If you are waiting till you find your own name in the Bible, you will wait for ever. But it is said a few verses before that: “He tasted death for everyman:” and again : “He is the propitiation for the sins of the whole world.” Not that all men are saved by Him. Ah, no! the most never come to Jesus, and are lost! but this shows that any sinner may come, even the chief of sinners, and take Christ as his own Saviour, Come you then, anxious soul; say you, He is my refuge and my fortress; and then, be anxious, if you can.”~Robert Murray M’Cheyne from sermon on Heb 3:1