>If You Must Tell Others That You Are Spirit Filled/Baptized Then You Aren’t ~Conrad Murrell

>”…As the evidence of God’s anointing upon you is witnessed by others, they have reason to believe you belong to God and are being used as His instrument. In water baptism, the believer is giving his testimony that He has received Christ. In Spirit baptism, Christ is giving testimony that He has accepted you, and that is far better! If you must tell folks that you are Spirit-filled or Spirit-baptized in order for them to know it, please don’t. You aren’t. Nor is it scriptural to go about asking people if they are Spirit-filled. If you cannot tell it from being with them, you can be sure they are not. Such questions are likely to provoke them to start seeking experiences, which is a misleading and dangerous practice…” ~Conrad Murrell from SPIRITUAL BAPTISMS AND GIFTS