>Free Study-Truth About Man- by Paul Washer

>Paul Washer has put together an excellent 10 part Study, entitled ‘The Truth About Man‘. Get it Here for free. It is great to use for your Family Devotion, Church group, Homeschool, you could even use it for a Biblical version of the heretical alpha course.

Truth About Man – Table of Contents:

  1. The Creation of Man
  2. The Fall of Adam
  3. The Fall of Mankind
  4. Spiritual Death and Moral Inability
  5. Enslavement to Satan
  6. The Character and Universality of Sin
  7. God’s Disposition Towards the Sinner
  8. God’s Judgment of the Sinner
  9. The Final Judgment of the Wicked
  10. Hell

Heartcry have other books available as well including Paul Washer’s One True God in English and dutch.

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