>The Mosaic Covenant, Our Tutor To Lead Us To Christ; If You Miss Christ In The Law, Then You Miss Everything-Kevin Williams

>Galatians 3:24 teaches us, the Mosaic Covenant is our Schoolmaster to lead us to Christ, yet many today, especially in Evangelism circles wrongly remove this verse from its context to use as a proof text to claim the only way to witness is to use the Ten Commandments and then the Gospel. As a result of this, in an effort to run from the error of the modern purpose driven gospel that plays down sin, many run to an error at the other extreme and downplay the use of large sections of Scripture, and reject any form of witnessing that isn’t in a neatly packaged ‘Ten Commandments and then the gospel’ format.

Now whilst there is nothing wrong with using the Ten Commandments in witnessing, it is a fine thing, the context of Galatians 3 is clearly that the Mosaic Covenant with all its sacrificial systems, prophecies, foreshadows and types is what leads us to Christ, and the “law of the Lord” which “is perfect converting the soul” is the whole Bible.
In this sermon we also look at Christ in the Old Testament.

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John 7:19a+Gal 3:24 (2)If You Miss Christ in the Law, Then You Miss Everything Kevin Williams – 55 min

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