>Radical Depravity & The New Birth of Regeneration-Kevin Williams

>John 6:44, is one of the easiest and most straightforward to understand texts in the Bible, yet strangely many refuse to just listen to what God is saying in this verse and instead insist that He can’t really mean what He says, but must mean the exact opposite. This is largely because the Biblical truth of Calvinism is plain to see in this verse.

It’s also, I believe, one of the most important texts for evangelism. Yet shamefully many say ‘We’re about evangelism, so we don’t need to know about the doctrines of Grace’. In other words they are saying ‘We’re about evangelism, so we don’t need to learn about and take into account how God saves a man’. This is like a surgeon bragging, he knows nothing about surgery, when out of his last 30 operations, 29 of his patients are dead.

In this sermon, we look at:
-Radical Depravity-The reasons why and reality that no one can be saved unless God intervenes to change their will and desire.
Why the New Birth must come before one will believe the Gospel.
The importance of clearly teaching that Jesus is God.
-Regeneration. When God changes a person
-Why a truly saved person can no longer live in sin.
Why some ‘professing’ Christians do not understand why other Christians no longer want to do certain sinful things and so call them legalists.
Being Heavenly Minded.

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