>Missionaries of Another Gospel


by Kevin Williams

Some time ago I witnessed to a group of teens on the street, and they had no idea of what sin is, what repentance is, who Jesus is, or what the Gospel is. Yet when I explained, they replied “Oh don’t worry we met some American missionaries yesterday who we repeated a prayer with and so we know we’re going to Heaven.”

Is it any wonder, as Paul Washer says, there are Christians in the Third World who pray that God will stop the American missionaries from coming over.

“It was seven years before Carey baptised his first convert in India; it was seven years before Judson won his first disciple in Burma; Morrison toiled seven years before the Chinaman was brought to Christ; Moffat declares that he waited seven years to see the first evident moving of the Holy Spirit upon his Bechuanas of Africa; Henry Richards wrought seven years on the Congo before the first convert was gained at Banza Manteka” -A J Gordon, The Holy Spirit in Missions.

So why do evangelists today ask “Would you like to pray and ask Jesus into your heart now, it will only take three minutes?” (in fact I’ve heard some say 30 seconds).

Did all those men who were mightily used by God have it wrong, or are many today preaching another Gospel?