Church Discipline

The Bible gives principles for church discipline, not a to-the-letter, one-size-fits-all, same-way-every-time.
All Christians involved on a lower level, but God raises up Pastors to judge on a larger scale and puts people out of the church if necessary.
Unless it’s communicated to the unrepentant being put out of the church, that they are not considered to be a Christian, then Biblical church discipline has not been practiced.
Reasons why we do church discipline: to love and help the offender, to keep the church pure & to be a good testimony. Never think of church discipline as merely negative, but it is a grace of God for our good.
Things we exercise church discipline for: clear sin, not petty things, or matters of opinion.
The speed of church discipline sometimes faster, sometimes slower, according to Scripture.

Ro 264 – Church Discipline – Kevin Williams (Rom 16:17-18; 1 Cor 5:1-11) -60 min